Origami Logic Brand + Site + Product Animation

Dunno if you know this, but there are a LOT of analytics companies out there. And they’re all saying the same damn thing! Working with Origami Logic, a marketing analytics company, I wanted to not only move past these clichés, but poke fun at them.

Establishing new brand messaging (where the rule, above all, was, “talk like a human”), I brought this new voice to their website, where I explained their complex product in simple, straightforward terms – with a little help from a product animation I came up with.

  • Role Writer, Strategist
  • For Origami Logic Analytics
  • Type Branding, Messaging, Website, Product Animation

“Data into insights” is a MASSIVE cliché in analytics. The goal of the messaging was to go beyond the vague benefit of “insights” and get specific about how data can tangibly help you and your business.