Hipster Party Planning Dot Biz

Writing is great and all, but my one true passion in life is throwing over-the-top, charmingly amateurish theme parties.

To help cement my status as a semi-professional party planner, I busted out my 1996 HTML skills and put this monstrosity together. Always under construction, the site gives the reader a clear idea of the sort of organized chaos they can expect in their events.

  • Role Writer, “Designer," "Developer”
  • For Nate Walsh
  • Type Website, Branding, Design, Writing
  • URL hipster.party

I had to rewrite the < BLINK > tag from scratch, as newer versions of HTML had eliminated it for some reason.

Somehow there wasn’t already a gif of Tweety Bird smoking a jay, so I had to make my own.

Did I recreate Microsoft Word’s Clippy for the site? Absolutely I did.

Finally, a definitive definition of the word “hipster.”

You can add “consummate salesman” to my list of roles.