Keen Analytics Website + Messaging

Like many startups, Keen had an awesome product – in this case, a platform for businesses to build the exact custom analytics solution they needed – and no idea how to talk about it.

Working with Keen, I established clearer, more conversational messaging, to help audiences understand what their product actually does (and why it’s awesome). This new messaging was applied across the brand – including a redesigned website.

  • Role Writer, Strategist
  • For Keen Analytics
  • Type Website, Messaging, Case Studies

Basically the second I started working in tech, I wanted to do a “backend” pun. Finally, my dream realized!

A huge part of the site and messaging was quickly and concisely defining a lot of complex concepts, so even laypeople could understand them.

I also acted as interviewer, working with Keen customers to create a number of case studies.