Keen IO Website + Messaging


Like a lot of startups I’ve run into, Keen IO was building something totally awesome and useful – in this case, better building blocks for developers to create exactly the custom analytics solution they need – but they didn’t know how to talk about it in such a way that people could really understand its awesomeness (or understand it at all even!)

I worked with the Keen team over the course of many months, doing interviews and research to get a better understanding of the product, and then creating new all-new messaging that would help their audience better understand the product’s features and benefits, balancing being technical with being conversational and human – a policy that trickled into their overall brand voice.

This messaging became the basis for much of Keen’s communications – on social media, in emails and ads, in pitches and in-person – as well as being built into an updated website.

In addition to the basic content explaining the product, I also worked with the Keen team to perform customer interviews and develop a series of case studies, adding a much-needed human element to their homepage.




Keen IO


November 2013


Website, Messaging, Case Studies