Tanry Craigslist Viral Car Ad

I was moving to the Bay Area, and I needed to sell my car to fund the move. Unfortunately, although the car ran just fine, it had a number of, um, let’s say, “quirks.”

Inspired by the construction paper collages I used to make in second grade, I decided to hand-craft a super-elaborate ad that touted the car’s detriments as positives.

  • Role Writer / “Designer”
  • For Nate Walsh
  • Type Advertising, “Design”
  • URL natewalsh.com/tanry

The ad went weirdly viral, spreading from Craigslist across social media to sites like Jezebel, Business Insider, and AdWeek (who named it one of their best ads of the year).

And yes, I did sell the car.

(I also wound up making out with like 4 people as a direct result of this ad, soooooo…)