The Qliktastic 5 Campaign

Qlik’s embedded analytics platform covers 5 powerful use cases with 5 unique sets of capabilities. The real magic, though, happens when they’re combined – together, they allow customers to take on any challenge and need.

To really highlight these 5 solutions – both individually and as a set – I developed a campaign personifying them as the Ultimate Heist Team: an off-the-wall Ocean’s 11 that’s got your back.

  • Role Writer
  • For Qlik Analytics
  • Type Integrated Campaign, Concepting, Email, Social, Print, Website

Each character was selected to personify a particular type of analytics – e.g., the Explorer represents self-guided analytics, and the ability to track down findings on your own.

The reader was positioned as the mastermind of this data-driven superhero team.

The campaign was extended across print, web, email, and social.

The Qliktastic 5 even had their own LinkedIn page, where we would reach out to customers offering our assistance.

Unfortunately, the client did NOT sign off on the Magic: The Gathering game I wanted to do, but I can still dream.