My Grotesque PowerPoint Manifesto!


My friend Kevin is getting his PhD at the University of Kentucky, and, as such, has to pay his dues by teaching some pretty miserable Remedial Intro to Comms courses. During a recent visit, he asked me to take the load off his back by coming in to do a guest lecture – any lecture, about whatever the hell I wanted.

Despite the fact that these kids were just about the least likely people to get into any sort of writing or communications field, I decided to bestow upon them basically the entirety of the knowledge I had gathered working as a writer, marketer, and communicator for the past 7 years.

Taking pity on them, I decided to help them mitigate the perceived chore of decoding language by putting in lots of jokes and dumb pictures, but I still completely stand by the points I made: Good communication starts by being sincere, empathetic, enthusiastic, and most of all, human.


Writer, Guest Lecturer


March 2014


Talk, Presentation, Sloppy-Ass Manifesto