Hideous Powerpoint Manifesto

My friend Kevin was getting his PhD in Communications and, as such, had to pay his dues teaching some pretty miserable intro courses. Worn and weary, he asked me to take the load off his back for one day by doing a guest lecture.

I decided to give these kids the sum total of the knowledge I’d gathered in 7 years as a writer and marketer. It’s been a few years since, but I stand by the points I made: Good communication starts by being sincere, empathetic, enthusiastic, and human.

  • Role Writer, "Designer," Guest Lecturer
  • For Nate Walsh
  • Type Talk, Presentation, Sloppy-Ass Manifesto

I’ll note that, in their end-of-semester evaluations, several students listed my talk as their favorite part of the class. I don’t know if that speaks to the quality of work, though, or just how much Kevin was phoning it in.