Flavor Pitch Book

The overall theme of the book was the important role that flavor plays in memory – both in helping us to recall past events and in helping us to generate future memories.

Although the book told one interconnected story, I added additional flavor facts as asides, to demonstrate our knowledge of the industry.

The book not only highlighted the importance of flavor, but the importance of those who create and maintain those flavors, stroking potential clients' egos a bit.

To further demonstrate our depth of knowledge and research about the food industry, I helped develop a number of infographics throughout the piece.

After tooting our potential clients' horns some more, I closed by bringing it back to our unique understanding of the importance of flavor and how this made us well-suited for helping food companies tell their stories.


The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Meeting & Food Expo is pretty much the end-all be-all event for the food industry, with hundreds of companies gathering together to unveil the next big food trends, flavors, and ingredients. And, considering our agency focused primarily on food marketing, it was also the best time of year for us to try and wrangle up some new perspective clients.

Tired of handing out the same case studies and giving the same capabilities pitch, our new business team asked for something different to show off what we could do. Problem was, by the time they realized what they wanted, they needed it in about 3 days.

Working quickly, my creative director and I developed a rough concept for a pitch book that would focus on not just the importance of flavor, but on its beauty and potential. I took our rough idea and ran with it, developing a moving story that showed our understanding of the food industry, our appreciation for the companies that worked in it, and why this unique perspective made us the right agency to help tell their stories.

Then, over the course of a panicked, bleary-eyed 36-hour day, I helped take the story from concept to completion, staying with the team through the night to help where I could with layout, organization, photography selection, infographic development, and quality control.

In the end, we were just able to get the book out in time, and our new business team was able to hook a number of meetings with new clients they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.


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