Flavor Pitch Book

The Institute of Food Technologies Annual Meeting is pretty much the end-all-be-all event in the food industry. Marketplace, the agency I worked for at at the time, focused primarily on food marketing, so it was also a big opportunity for us to wrangle up some new clients.

Tired of the same old pitch with the same old case studies, I worked with the design team to quickly assemble a book to share our agency’s unique philosophy on food – and show off what we could do.

Using the idea of flavor as a cornerstone, I developed a story that demonstrated our unique understanding of the food industry, our appreciation for the companies that worked in it, and why this made us the right agency to help tell their stories.

Completed over the course of a panicked, bleary-eyed 36-hour day, I feel I should note.

The book not only highlighted the importance of flavor, but the importance of those who create and maintain those flavors, stroking potential clients' egos a bit.

To demonstrate our depth of knowledge about the food industry, I helped develop a number of infographics across the piece.

As a direct result of this book, our business team was able to score number of meetings with a number of new clients.