Hightail Billboard + Tagline


Hightail – formerly known as YouSendIt – was looking to broaden its reach beyond that of a mere file-sharing service and had just rebranded itself accordingly. They wanted to go after the big dogs – Box and Dropbox – and position themselves as the leader in file-hosting for creative professionals: Designers, photographers, and the like.

I was brought in to work the team at Heat, a San Francisco ad agency, to develop a variety of content for the new Hightail brand, including banner ads, web content, non-traditional marketing, and outdoor advertising.

This billboard – which could be found in downtown SF right along the 101 – was designed to put an aggressive flag in the sand and show that Hightail was ready to compete with Box and Dropbox as a major player in file-hosting. I wrote this headline to show that Hightail understands just how important collaboration is to creative professionals, who never work in a vacuum (let alone a box) – they collaborate and share and bounce ideas off each other to hone their work. This also led to my development of the tagline, "Keep your ideas moving," which reminds the audience that Hightail is there to enable the creative process, by keeping files – and ideas – moving back and forth.




Hightail / YouSendIt


July 2014


Outdoor Advertising