SoftBank Robotics Rebrand + Website

With 2 humanoid robots in production and more on the way, SoftBank Robotics is looking to bring robots into our everyday lives – no easy task, though, when people see them as Uncanny Valley rejects out to steal our jobs.

To help get people more comfortable with the idea of robots, I did an entire rework of the SoftBank brand – vision to voice to messaging – adding warmth, emotion, and humanity to their story. This brand, in turn, was applied to a revamped SoftBank website.

  • Role Writer, Strategist
  • For SoftBank Robotics
  • Type Branding, Messaging, Website

One of the key aspects of the messaging (available on request) was presenting robots as partners here to empower and help us, not replace us.

The goal was to position SoftBank as the leader driving the future of robotic by making sure robots are introduced the right way.

The original SoftBank brand focused too much on features and solutions, and not enough on the benefits of robots – or on the magic of interacting with them.

We also wanted to show the humanity behind the robots, by focusing more on the people who create them.