Opinion8 Naming + Messaging + Website


Opinion8 began as an unnamed Korean startup that had developed a new type of search engine: One that was able to weigh opinions from a variety of sources, come to a consensus on these opinions, and give the user a handful of strong recommendations – on products, restaurants, movies, whatever. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a name, or a good way of explaining what they did to American audiences.

I was brought on-board to help name their company, their product (PopOp, short for Popular Opinion), and then develop a story and messaging that took their complex technology and made it both understandable and marketable. From there, we took these elements and developed a website to promote the product and company.

It was super fun working with non-native English speakers to make sure their story was told the right way, balancing the technical and the conversational – so much so that I now actually help a number of companies in Asia with similar challenges.




Opinion8 / PopOp


November 2015


Website, Naming, Messaging