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POP (Prototyping on Paper) is a cool sort of “meta-app” that helps app developers quickly put together prototypes of the apps they want to build by making it easy to scan app sketches and link them together with infrastructure and animation, so it feels closer to the real thing.

POP was developed by WooMoo, Inc., a company originally out of Taipei, but now looking to expand to Silicon Valley. Speaking English as a second language, they wanted help explaining their product and making sure all the language they used was right for American audiences, so they brought me on-board to work with them on both writing new copy for their website and fixing up stuff they had already written.

It was super fun working with non-native English speakers to make sure their story was told the right way, balancing the technical and the conversational – so much so that I now actually help a number of companies in Asia with similar challenges.


Writer / Copyeditor


POP (Prototyping on Paper)


April 2014