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Hightail – formerly known as YouSendIt – was looking to broaden its reach beyond that of a mere file-sharing service and had just rebranded itself accordingly. They wanted to go after the big dogs – Box and Dropbox – and position themselves as the leader in file-hosting for creative professionals: Designers, photographers, and the like.

I was brought in to work the team at Heat, a San Francisco ad agency, to develop a variety of content for the new Hightail brand, including banner ads, web content, non-traditional marketing, and outdoor advertising.

With the website, I helped introduce the new Hightail brand by putting the focus on creative professionals and the unique way they do work, which relies in particular on collaboration – exchanging files and comments over multiple rounds of feedback to come to a finished product. This allowed me to introduce the new features of the Hightail product itself, including tools for collaboration like sharing controls, versioning, and enhanced commenting.

The client loved the clear explanation of their new features, as well as the increased focus on collaboration, particularly the line, "Keep your ideas moving," which they eventually adopted as a tagline for the company.




Hightail / YouSendIt


July 2013