Fair Oaks Farms Pitch Book

I started with a sort of Dairy State of the Union – basically, sales are declining, because no one is bothering to innovate the category. The good news, though, is that this leaves the field wide open for an innovator to come along and do something about it. And why not Fair Oaks Farms?

My tactical recommendations included a complete overhaul of FOF's corporate website, positioning the company as Designer Dairy and reaching out to other businesses to encourage partnership and new product development.

Additionally, I recommended the creation of a series of consumer-based product sites, all linked under the Fair Oaks Farms banner. Users would continually have access to the other product lines, as well as the ability to quickly discover the perfect FOF product for their unique needs.

I created a specific case study about FOF's Core Power product, an all-natural Muscle Milk alternative, which focused on reorganizing and rebranding the product line and going directly after the competition, rather than tiptoeing around them.

I suggested dividing Core Power into two different product lines – one for serious athletes and one for the more casual exerciser – and provided different tactical recommendations for each. This would allow Core Power to compete on more than one level with more than one audience.


Dairy sales are in decline, there’s no two ways about it. Part of the problem there is that the vast majority of the dairy industry is still releasing the same old products over and over and over. Yes, they’re staples, but virtually every other product, no matter how simple – water, fruit, toilet paper – has evolved their product line and expanded their market base. Meanwhile, dairy remains stagnant.

At the time, Fair Oaks Farms was just another dairy, no better or worse than any other. But we had big ideas in mind for them. As a part of our agency pitch to them, I was tasked with helping transform FOF from a me-too competitor into Designer Dairy. My team had already created a number of product development strategies, but FOF also needed to understand how these products could be implemented and promoted, both to consumers and to other companies. Thus, I worked with a designer to develop a book of specific tactical recommendations, covering everything from PR to rebranding to a complete overhaul of their website. The book also included a specific case study of recommendations for their Muscle Milk competitor, Core Power.

As a result of our pitch, the agency gained a number of new potential opportunities with Fair Oaks Farms. In time, we believe they’ll move in the direction of Designer Dairy, and the entire dairy industry could change as a result.


Fair Oaks Farms


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