IDF Broth Pitch Book

The pitch book focused on the importance of ingredients – how they often go unnoticed, but how critical they are to creating the best possible final product – and why they deserve to have their story told as well.

After rhapsodizing on the important role quality ingredients play in adding flavor and nutrition to food, I introduced the idea that they too deserve their time in the spotlight, and that IDF should start interacting with consumers more directly.

One of my suggestions was that IDF create a Broth Council, much in the way that beef and dairy have developed advocacy groups. Although funded by IDF, their presence would be downplayed – the Council would do more of a category sell, outlining the health benefits of broth, as well as offering up suggestions on how to more creatively use broth when cooking.

I also suggested that IDF either work on their own or partner with other companies to start developing innovative, broth-based products that capitalize on the latest food trends. Suggested products included both flavor- and nutrition-enhanced broths, broth-based seasonings, and "pre-brothed" products (because I always thought ramen noodles took entirely too many steps to prepare).

Finally, I closed by reiterating that, while ingredients are indeed important, they'll only be known as such if their story is shared through the right marketing initiatives. I presented my agency as the missing ingredient that would allow IDF to grow into new markets and take advantage of new business opportunities.


As far as food marketing goes, ingredient companies don’t always get the respect they deserve. Selling Coke or beer or Happy Meals may be seen as sexier than pushing sweeteners and food colors, but that doesn’t mean the same marketing opportunities aren’t there.

International Dehydrated Foods (IDF) makes chicken broth and other protein-based ingredients – stuff you would likely never think about on your own, but which adds important flavors and nutrition to hundreds of food products people eat every day (soups, stuffings, side dishes, readymade meals, etc.).

As part of my agency’s initial pitch to IDF, I was asked to develop some new concepts and strategies that could help IDF branch out in other directions. IDF had always done B2B marketing, and they’d done well with it – they’re considered the leader in their industry – but why stop there? I suggested IDF take an unprecedented step and start reaching out to consumers, aiming marketing initiatives and new product lines at them directly. Now, it’s unlikely we’ll get to the point where customers are clamoring for IDF broth by name, but, by educating the end-user and selling to them directly, IDF had the opportunity to broaden their potential audience considerably.

The pitch went well – IDF had only begun to consider the possibility of B2C marketing, and were happy to see some fleshed-out concepts and strategies – and we started working with them soon thereafter.


International Dehydrated Foods


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