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To help quickly establish Pickles & Ice Cream in the St. Louis baby service community, I encouraged Erin to cross-promote with other local services: photographers, nannies, nursery stores, etc.

As we were leading the charge on what was essentially an entirely new service category within the St. Louis area, it was important to promote the category itself first, explaining what it was and why it mattered, and then establish Pickles & Ice Cream as the ideal thought leader for that category.

Branding and explaining Pickles & Ice Cream's service offerings helped make a potentially confusing new service fun and approachable for our target audience.

SEO was particularly important for this site, as Pickles & Ice Cream didn't have much of an advertising budget. Customers would generally have to find the service on their own, which meant carefully choosing keywords based on topics new and expecting parents would care about most, like sleep problems.


Baby planning is an up-and-coming service that logically follows on the heels of wedding planning. After all, if planning a wedding is stressful, imagine getting ready for the responsibility of producing an actual live human. Gah.

My friend Erin Meckfessel has worked with babies for ages and was looking to take advantage of this new market by starting her own St.-Louis-based baby planning service, Pickles & Ice Cream Baby Planning. She had the background and she had the training, but she needed help with the marketing, both for the product category itself and for the unique twist her fun personality and experience would add to the service. I developed the architecture, layout, and strategy for her website, with a particular focus on SEO, to try and drive new traffic in her direction.

Things are going great for Erin – word has spread about Pickles & Ice Cream, both online and off, to the point where she’s actually getting more than local referrals – many of her clients are now out of the Chicagoland area.


Pickles & Ice Cream Baby Planning


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