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One of my major focuses on the website was developing a "Green Team" initiative, encouraging people who already recycled at home to become an advocate for recycling in their business. By providing these Green Teams with the tools, information, and motivation they needed to get started with office recycling programs, QRS would basically be creating their own word-of-mouth salesforce.

Instead of the same standard messaging about the environmental benefits of "going green," I developed the QRS Recycling story from a different angle: how recycling could be good for one's business. Recyclable goods have value; burying those goods in a landfill is essentially throwing away money. By recycling as much of that waste as possible instead, businesses could not only feel good about helping the planet, they could actually save money on waste management.

QRS offered a number of waste management and recycling services, but they were getting all mixed up and confused with each other. I helped organize, differentiate, and brand each service, so it was clearer to customers exactly which service would best fit their needs.


QRS is not only the leading recycling service in the Midwest markets they serve, they’re also an industry-wide pioneer, constantly working to develop new and innovative techniques to make recycling both more effective and more profitable. Working closely with the QRS executive team, I developed content for a website redesign and overall rebranding initiative, evolving their brand story to focus more on the benefits of institutional recycling – how going green can not only be good for the planet, but also for a business' bottom line.

Since the launch of this site, QRS has formed an exclusive partnership with Coca-Cola, opening a new recycling center that serves both the Coca-Cola company and the Atlanta area at large.


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