Bunge Pitch & Boards

The initial board introduced Bunge and explained their capabilities, with lots of bold, highlighted factoids their team could point out.

The second board spoke generally to the trends and advantages of margarines and spreads. In addition to this board, we included a plan to help Walmart diversify its line of private label spreads, allowing them to more effectively compete with the increasing variety of spreads and margarines on the market.

The final board spoke to oils and shortenings, an area Bunge was already working with Walmart in. Bunge hoped to expand this partnership, however, by explaining their additional capabilities and the opportunities they offered.


Bunge is one of the world’s largest processors and distributors of cooking oils. They had a unique opportunity to meet with Walmart and pitch the possibility of becoming supplier and product developer for Walmart’s private label oil and margarine products. Funny thing was, somehow developing the concept and content for this pitch fell to me, a complete newcomer to the client and market. Oh, and I had 2 days.

Over the course of one completely frantic 36-hour day, I crammed in as much research as I possibly could, processed it into a pitch concept, and developed content for a number of pitch boards, working with the design team to develop final infographics and layout. I guided the client through my recommended pitch, made last-minute revisions based on their feedback, and spent 45 minutes making awkward small talk with them as they tapped their feet, waiting impatiently as the design team printed and mounted the boards so they could hop on a plane to Arkansas.

Most companies only get to speak with the Walmart management team for a maximum of 20 minutes; as a result of this pitch, Bunge got 2 full hours with them, along with follow-up meetings. The process of becoming a parter with a major player like Walmart is a slow one, but the pitch and boards definitely had an impact on getting Bunge’s foot in the door.


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