BioGaia Flipbook Banner Ad

All 3 segments of the illustration would flip, revealing a different infant digestive problem and a different facial expression for the baby.

I really wanted to add a 5th slide for diarrhea, but I was shot down. It is my dream to someday include the word "diarrhea" in an ad. Perhaps you can help me with this?

The ad resolves on a happy baby, showing parents that they can change the story of their baby's tummy troubles with BioGaia.

I developed this tagline for the product, which I believe has been used in other BioGaia promotions since.

This is the expanded rollover state for the ad, because everyone loves ads that expand when you roll over them.


BioGaia ProTectis is a natural probiotic formulated specially for infants, helping them develop the right stomach bacteria early on so that they can avoid common baby tummy troubles like colic and gas. Unlike competing products, BioGaia doesn’t just soothe the symptoms of these conditions, it actually helps prevent the conditions themselves.

I developed the concept for this banner ad, as well as the “Happy Bacteria. Happy Tummies.” tagline. The ad was featured on a number of parenting and pregnancy websites.

I’ve mentioned I’m really into banner ads, right?


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