The homepage was redesigned to add a stronger human element, while still highlighting the extensive product line that SYSTANE offers. A series of rotating banners each tell a different story of a dry eye sufferer who found relief in a SYSTANE product, linking users to a longer version of the story within the site.

Beyond simply touting the advantages of the SYSTANE product line, the website was designed to be a trusted source of dry information, taking difficult or confusing topics – e.g., how the composition of tears is related to the development of dry eye – and explaining them simply and concisely.

A new "Stories of Relief" section was added to the site, to show that SYSTANE truly understands the difficulties that painful dry eye can add to a patient's life, and why SYSTANE can make a difference. (This wasn't the first time I'd have to write as a menopausal woman, and I'm sure it won't be the last.)

In addition to the fictionalized Stories of Relief, I found and interviewed actual dry eye patients and shared their stories on the site as well.

Instead of pushing a product as the sole solution to dry eye difficulties, I wanted SYSTANE to be seen as a trusted resource for dry eye sufferers, so I developed additional content on practical tips dry eye patients could also use to help with their symptoms.

After the success of the rewards program we had developed for Alcon's OPTI-FREE product, we were asked to create a similar program for SYSTANE, to increase coupon use and email list opt-in.


Alcon’s line of SYSTANE products are the most effective and popular dry eye drops on the market. The problem is, there’s still a lot of confusion over what dry eye actually is, who it affects, and what will help with it.

To help clear up this confusion and position SYSTANE as a leading dry eye resource, advocate, and treatment, I helped concept, pitch, and develop content for a redesigned version of

The website, which had originally been mostly product-focused and very clinical in tone, was expanded with additional patient-friendly content – causes, background, and practical remedies – as well as with unique stories from dry eye sufferers, to add a human element and create a stronger connection with consumers.


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