OPTI Online Magazine

Alcon’s OPTI-FREE contact lens solution is the #1 brand in the world – however, most consumers didn’t have much of an emotional connection with the OPTI-FREE brand.

To get contact lens users thinking more actively about their eyes, their lenses, and OPTI-FREE, I developed concepts and content for OPTI Online Magazine, a quarterly publication hosted off of the OPTI-FREE consumer website.

  • Role Writer, Editor, Strategist
  • For Alcon Eye Care
  • Type Website, Online Magazine, Editorial, Email Campaign, Branding

OPTI eMagazine was developed with a blog-like format and divided into 4 sections: Confessions, Culture, Health & Beauty, and Viewpoints.

Articles ranged from short fiction to humor articles to Q&A columns, each with its own original artwork and often including an extra game, quiz, or interactive feature.

The Culture section focused on the subject of the eyes in communication: The power of eye contact; the role of eyes in music, film, and art; and views about the eyes from different cultures around the world.

The Health & Beauty section featured content on how to better take care of your eyes – diet, spa techniques, tips for going green – and how to better show them off – fashion, makeup, travel advice, etc. I used a ton of crazy pen names; it was awesome.

The Viewpoints section offered a number of true stories from unique perspectives, from a tongue-in-cheek eye advice article, to eye-related humor columns, to eye adventures told in comic book format.