OPTI eMagazine

OPTI eMagazine was developed with a blog-like format and divided into 4 sections: Confessions, Culture, Health & Beauty, and Viewpoints.

The Confessions section focused on original short stories about eyes and contact lens wear, ranging from humor to romance. Every piece focused on the benefits that come with contact lenses – convenience, confidence, improved appearance, etc.

The Culture section focused on the subject of the eyes in communication: The power of eye contact; the role of eyes in music, film, and art; and views about the eyes from different cultures around the world.

The Health & Beauty section featured content on how to better take care of your eyes – diet, spa techniques, tips for going green – and how to better show them off – fashion, makeup, travel advice, etc. I used a ton of crazy pen names; it was awesome.

The Viewpoints section offered a number of true stories from unique perspectives, from a tongue-in-cheek eye advice article, to eye-related humor columns, to eye adventures told in comic book format.


Alcon’s OPTI-FREE products are the #1 line of contact lens solutions in the world, both in terms of sales and performance. However, most consumers really didn’t have much of an emotional connection with the OPTI-FREE brand.

To change this – to get contact lens users thinking more actively about their eyes, their contacts, and OPTI-FREE – I developed concepts and content for OPTI eMagazine, a quarterly eye-related publication hosted off of the main OPTI-FREE website.

Although content always focused in some way on eyes or contact lenses, most articles barely touched on OPTI-FREE at all. Instead, each piece was designed to educate and entertain readers, endearing them to the OPTI-FREE brand along the way.

Articles ranged from short stories to humor articles to Q&A columns, each with its own original artwork and often including an extra game, quiz, or interactive Flash piece. I served as the primary editor for the publication, developing the concept for every piece and then either writing them myself or managing and editing the work of other writers. Each issue was promoted by email to subscribers.


Alcon Laboratories (Consumer Division)


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