OPTI-FREE Optometrists' Tools

This desk placemat was developed to explain and encourage proper lens care, a task eye care professionals have often reported as challenging.

Eye care professionals also often have difficulties getting patients to understand that all contact lens solutions aren't the exact same thing. This two-sided card first helps doctors explain the different categories of lens care solutions, as well as allowing them to ascertain which product their patients are currently using.

The other side of the card helps doctors explain specific difference between solutions in terms of moisture retention, cleanliness, and corneal protection. Although the cards do not specifically promote OPTI-FREE, they do make it clear that choosing the right solution is critical.


In addition to helping Alcon sell OPTI-FREE contact lens solution to consumers, I also helped promote OPTI-FREE to eye care professionals by developing a number of tools doctors could use as patient education aids.

By giving doctors the means to easily explain topics like proper lens care and the reasons why not all contact solutions are the same, these tools not only helped endear Alcon to doctors, it helped them more effectively sell patients on OPTI-FREE.


Alcon Laboratories (Consumer Division)


Collateral, Educational Tools, Sales Aids