OPTI-FREE Sweepstakes

The microsite opened with an introductory Flash / video animation that walked the user through various activities a person might experience during a 14-hour day – working, going to the gym, meeting friends for drinks, etc. Along the way, users could pull up tips and facts about OPTI-FREE, as well as other fun little Easter Eggs (e.g., you could make a cartoon bird land on the protagonist's hand, Snow-White-style).

The sweepstakes continually drove home the idea of "14 hours of moist lenses" with special 14-hour packaging updates, 14 winners, 14 destinations to choose from, etc.

The sweepstakes cross-promoted the new OPTI-FREE Rewards program I'd recently helped develop for OPTI-FREE.com.

The sweepstakes was promoted via facebook, twitter, and email.

Banner ads, both on internal Alcon pages and external sites, helped promote the sweepstakes as well.

Users subscribed to the OPTI-FREE mailing list received an email promotion encouraging them to sign up for the sweepstakes.


The one thing Alcon wanted consumers to know about their OPTI-FREE Replenish contact lens solution more than anything is that it provides 14 hours of moist contacts. To really help drive this “14” message home, I helped concept, pitch, and develop content for an OPTI-FREE “14 Hours of Freedom” Sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes included packaging updates, a microsite with an interactive Flash / video animation introduction, and promotion via email campaign, banner ads, and social media.


Alcon Laboratories (Consumer Division)


Website, Animation & Video, Email Campaign, Packaging, Social Media, Sweepstakes, Branding