Past OPTI-FREE materials had been almost entirely product-focused. We were able to inject a human element into the brand, making it warmer, friendlier, and ultimately, more human.

In the process of redoing the website, I also helped pitch and develop the functionality for an OPTI-FREE Rewards program, to help increase coupon use and mailing list opt-in.

We still wanted to differentiate OPTI-FREE from other contact lens solutions, but I worked to make that story less clinical and more approachable and understandable.

In enhancing the OPTI-FREE brand, we also wanted to highlight Alcon's role as the global leader in eye care. I created a new section of the site focused on Alcon as a company – their commitment to quality, product innovation, and helping restore and maintain eyesight throughout an entire lifetime.

Instead of focusing solely on product, we wanted to also highlight the benefits of contact lenses overall, and how they become part of a user's life, tying it all together so that users understood the importance of choosing the right contact lens solution.


Alcon’s OPTI-FREE products are the #1 line of contact lens solutions in the world, both in terms of sales and performance. And yet, a few years back, their consumer presence was virtually nonexistent, often creating the impression of a cold and clinical brand.

I helped concept, pitch, and develop a more consumer-friendly version of the OPTI-FREE brand, starting with a complete overhaul and rewrite of their website. Our goal was to make OPTI-FREE – and Alcon – friendlier and more approachable by adding more lifestyle-related content, and explaining how OPTI-FREE fit into the audience’s life.


Alcon Laboratories (Consumer Division)


Website, Branding