Alcon’s OPTI-FREE contact lens solution is the #1 brand in the world. And yet, a few years back, their consumer presence was virtually nonexistent – and left a cold, clinical impression at best.

I helped concept, pitch, and develop a more consumer-friendly version of the OPTI-FREE brand, starting with an overhaul of their website. The goal was to make the brand warmer and more approachable by showing how contacts fit into people’s lives.

  • Role Writer, Strategist
  • For Alcon Eye Care
  • Type Website, Messaging
  • URL www.opti-free.com

Past OPTI-FREE content had been almost entirely product-focused, so our first priority was adding more of a human element.

In the process of redoing the website, I helped pitch and develop an OPTI-FREE Rewards program to increase coupon use and mailing list opt-in.

In building the OPTI-FREE brand, I also wanted to build the equity of their parent company, highlighting their role as the global leader in eye care.